Arise Africa Trust

Arise Africa Trust

Why the Trust exists?

Vuk ‘Africa is an economic engine for non-profit organisations.
We believe in the concept of social businesses: businesses that empower people in their social context.
We have been doing it for the past couple of years with no proper structure in place and we have realised that if we are to be really effective and efficient in what we do we need to put systems in place. This trust fund is our response.

Key Focus Areas

Family building (parenting)
Life Skills


Work with non-profit organisations that work within the area of our passion and vision e.g. Light Providers etc.
Work closely with a scholarship program: Beyond Self Scholarship Program


What is BSSP?

Beyond Self Scholarship Program is an initiative that was established in 2010, with the aim of providing education scholarships to orphans, vulnerable children and poor young people. We are currently working in semi-rural communities around the city of Durban, but with plans of expanding our efforts beyond South Africa in the near future.
We currently have six sponsored children at primary school level

How you can help?

We are looking for individuals, businesses or schools who are willing to sponsor a student to be part of this program. We are looking for sponsors who can make a long-term commitment to helping a child get an education. You will receive a profile of their student, reports, updates and photos of your sponsor child.

What We Need From You

Age group What’s included Cost
Primary school student Uniform, stationary, school fees, computer classes, transport Back to school payment – R795 / AUD$125 (once off in January) Monthly payment – R172 / AUD$27
Secondary school student Uniform, text books, school fees, school activities, stationary, transport, lunch Back to school payment – R1564 / AUD$242 (once off in January) Monthly payment – R412 / AUD$64
University scholarship University fees, text books, stationary, transport Back to university payment – R15,525 / AUD$2330 Monthly payment – R115 / AUD$18

Fundamental to any poverty eradication effort is the empowerment of the poor through quality education.

Vusi Kweyama.

Kids Park Project

We envision the establishment of parks with swings, jungle gyms, and other equipment where kids can play as non-exists in most black rural/semi-rural community. Put generic park pictures.


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