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Who is Vuk Africa

Vuk’ Africa is a tourism social company that seeks to empower, develop and showcase developing communities not only in South Africa, but also in Africa as a whole. We started off as cultural tourism organization in 2004 operating in the community of KwaNyuswa, in the Valley of a Thousand Hills South Africa, 40km west of Durban. Beyond profit margins that drive most businesses, we facilitate social cohesion through tourism, create employment, promote talents, and empower locals where we operate through our Arise Africa Trust Fund, and Beyond Self-Scholarship Program, as well as other community development projects.

Our History.

Building upon over a decade of offering real life cultural experiences in KwaNyuswa community, we now package different tourism experiences that cover the whole of Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. We also offer shuttle services, accommodation, and tailor-made domestic holiday packages including our distinct Vuk ‘Africa Tours Shop.

Vusi Kweyama, is Director of Vuk’ Africa Tours and Training, and founder of multiple not-for-profit organisations. He is a Monash University graduate in Criminology and International Studies, and Tilburg University Master of Science in Victimology and Criminal Justice. He is currently pursuing his PhD in transitional justice at the University of KwaZulu Natal and Tilburg University. His passion for tourism and community development developed over time through training as a provincial cultural tourist guide and diploma qualification in community development including his travels to over five continents of the world. Vusi’s travels has offered the company priceless knowledge of the tourism industry, and has given Vuk’ Africa Tours a competitive edge over other tourism establishments.

What Is VukAfrica

Vuk Africa is a unique organisation that merges tourism with community development. It is about exposing people to the real South Africa, the South Africa that you won’t find on traditional tourist routes. It is about having a positive impact in a rural Zulu community – uplifting, empowering and developing the people in the Valley of a Thousand Hills. It is about sharing the African spirit with the world.

Our People

Vuk Africa is run by a small and passionate volunteer team that includes local and international volunteers. Vuk Africa employs three local tour guides, Zulu dance group, traditional healer, local restaurant, local music group and works with eight families who host visitors.